Important information for our customers who travel with P&O ferries

Important information


For our customers who travel with P & O ferries from Hull to Zeebrugge

and those who take the train from Brugge to Ostend:


The train stops in the centre of Oostende.

British Tobacco Discount is opposite the Railway Station.


The pick up / drop off point in Brugge has changed.

This location is called Bargeplein and is located only 300 metres away

from te original site at Bruges Central Station.


Follow the sign Station. Only a few minutes walk

Public transport to Bruges Central Station (1 min.)

A bus passes every 10 minutes

Bus services: De Lijn



How to pay ?

Try to pay with English Pounds.
All our prices on our website/shop are in Pounds, if paying in Euro's, you loose always on the exchange rate.


  • Pay by Creditcard.
  • If you pay by card then we have to charge you the official Europrice which is printed on the packet.
  • Your bank will convert the Euro's back into pounds, and that's were you loose again a bit on the exchange.
  • We advice you to bring plenty of cash Sterling with you when you do your channel shopping.
  • We accept :   

    NOTE: If paying by card, we need the passportnumber of the cardholder.

The prices quoted in pounds  £  are indicative and may be modified at any time in the shop.
This is due to a price increase and/or exchange rate changes.

Online orders

At our online shop you can select all your products you need simply by adding them to your cart.
The total price of your selection can be viewed at all times.

Save time by submitting your order so that your products will be ready to pick up at the shop.
All orders must be picked up in our shop and payed in full.
All order placed on the site, that aren't picked up will be discarded


We don't ship Tobacco or Cigarettes to the UK.
As it is not allowed in the EU, we can't send any cigarettes or tobacco's by post, even not small quantities.

How much can I take back?

Find all details on the government's website



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